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Yahoo! Movies: Long Before ‘The Muppets,’ There Was ‘Tale of Sand’

Yahoo! Movies has posted a story on the upcoming Archaia graphic novel, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand. Writer Steven Bryan interviewed artist Ramón Pérez briefly after a panel at San Diego Comic Con to gain some insight into the project:

Archaia asked artist Ramon Perez to translate the story from screenplay to printed page. During a brief one-on-one interview after the panel, Perez said the script was actually very low on dialogue.

“It’s almost like a silent film,” Perez said. “Music is very important to it and visual pacing. That was probably the hardest part, translating when Jim mentioned music in the script. And comics being a silent medium, how do you do that?

“I took extra-special care trying to translate that element and I took cues from Jim’s shorts like ‘Timepiece,’ where he used color cutouts to accentuate the music,” Perez said. “That (the music) was probably the most difficult to translate, but as a script, it was very easy. There were one or two dialogue sequences, but overall the pace of the story translated very well.”

You can read the rest of the article on Yahoo! Movies.