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Watch Behind-the-Scenes Videos of ‘Immortals: Gods and Heroes’ and You Can Win a Prize!

Archaia Entertainment, Relativity Media and iamROGUE have teamed up to produce five, behind-the-scenes featurettes that go behind the scenes of the making of the Immortals: Gods and Heroes graphic novel, which is based on the upcoming Tarsem Singh film, Immortals (11/11/11).

As a bonus, after you watch each video, a special code word is revealed that you can plug into a special puzzle on iamROGUE’s Immortals website. Put in all five code words and you’ll unlock a hidden image from the graphic novel, plus you’ll get the chance to win a limited-edition, signed Giclee print!

The videos feature interviews with the star-studded group of artists and writers that contributed to the book—such as Kevin Colden, F.J. DeSanto, David Gallaher, Trevor Hairsine, Scott Hampton, Jock, Rafael Kayanan and Ben McCool—as well as footage from the film, both on-screen and off.

You can watch the videos at the following websites:

Introduction – MTV Splashpage
Tarsem – io9
The Artists – Comic Book Resources
The Writers – The Beat
Challenges – USA Today

Immortals: Gods and Heroes hits stores soon! Find it a comic book shop or wherever books are sold. Watch Immortals from Relativity Media when it hits theaters on Nov. 11, 2011. And don’t forget to plug in all five codes on the iamROGUE Immortals website to see the hidden image and for a chance to win a signed Giclee print from the graphic novel!