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Vancouver Film School Interviews Former Student, Royden Lepp

With Rust about to hit stores, we wanted to call out this interview that the Vancouver Film School did with its former student, Royden Lepp, the creator of the all-ages graphic novel about a boy with jet pack. Here’s a sample exchange:

Rust: Visitor in the Field is the first volume of your new series, set in a time just after a war you probably won’t find in history books – and with what sound like steampunk elements. What were your inspirations for this world? And the story?

Royden: My inspiration for the world definitely came from my childhood; I grew up on the Canadian Prairies. I use to walk through the wheat fields with my Dad, and he’d pull wheat kernels off the stalks and teach me how to make chewing gum out of it. I love science fiction, robots, jet packs. I just mashed it up and tried to envision a story that would grab my attention.

You can read the rest of the insightful interview on VFS’ website.