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USA Today Features a First Look at ‘THE REASON FOR DRAGONS’

Brian Truitt over at USA Today provided a first look at THE REASON FOR DRAGONS, announced by Archaia last week. Truitt interviewed the title’s creators, Chris Northrop and Jeff Stokely, about everything from the characters to the influences for the story. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

‘Northrop says he can definitely identify with his main character. Wendell tries to prove himself to his father figures but would just as well rather sit in a corner quietly than get his hands dirty.

And when Northrop was a teenager, he’d read comics and books full of adventure, but knew his father lived them for real in the Navy and as a world traveler, martial artist and E.M.T.

“I ended up feeling like I had a lot to prove as a teenager in that dynamic,” the writer says. “It’s no coincidence Wendell faces something very similar in this story with his stepfather.”

As a natural escapist, Stokely feels he’s a “Wendell,” too — “I’d rather draw all day than anything else,” says the artist, who brought character to The Reason for Dragons in the Wendell and Habersham’s surroundings.’

The rest of the article can be found here. For more information about THE REASON FOR DRAGONS, please visit our site. Look for this title in your local bookstore in May!