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USA Today delves into ‘Cursed Pirate Girl’

With Cursed Pirate Girl ready to set sail on December 19th, USA Today’s Brian Truitt explores the origin and creation of this tale with Cursed Pirate Girl creator, Jeremy Bastian, as well as Jeremy’s art gallery opening at Century Guild in December.

The creator of Cursed Pirate Girl also had a few famous role models to start with in molding his title buccaneer lass, namely Dorothy, Alice and Little Nemo.

“In those really iconic fantasy books, the characters are really trying to get home from the strange landscape they are forced into. Cursed Pirate Girl is trying to get home, too, but it’s the strange landscape in which she belongs and she chooses to gotales of all things fantastic or creepy.

For more on Jeremy’s challenges with Cursed Pirate Girl‘s art and story, and what he has planned for its future, click here. For more info on Jeremy’s gallery opening, click here.