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Tom Siddell talks about ‘Gunnerkrigg Court’

‘Gunnerkrigg Court’ is a webcomic that has been available online since 2005. Newsarama takes time to learn the world of ‘Gunnerkrigg Court’ as Zack Smith interviews the creator, Tom Siddell.

Sine 2005, ‘Gunnerkrigg Court’ has received international acclaim from such fans as Neil Gaiman, and been reprinted by Titan Books in the UK and Archaia Studios in the US. We spoke with the strip’s creator, Tom Siddell, who has just recently been able to make the Court his full-time job, about the strip’s origins and its future.

Newsarama: Tom, how did you initially conceive the idea for the strip?

Tom Siddell: Before I started the comic I wasn’t really doing much with my artwork. I’d fallen into the habit of drawing nothing more substantial than a character standing aimlessly in the middle of a blank canvas, so I wanted a way to draw something with a lot more range.

I’d been reading webcomics as well, and I realized how easy it would be to put a comic of my own on-line, and what better way to force myself to keep at it than stick to an updating schedule? When I had the main character and setting in mind, I knew I wanted it to be about mythology and monsters and perhaps robots, but I started the first chapter without a solid idea of the story as a whole.

I used that time to see how the characters and setting felt, and wrote the main outline for the entire comic based on how I felt as I worked on the beginning. By the end of the first chapter, I had a much better grasp of what I wanted to do, what would happen and, hopefully, how it would all work together, so I just carried on from there.

To get the rest of this informative interview, check out To find out more about ‘Gunnerkrigg Court’ and to purchase your copy of the book today, go here. Make sure you check out the webcomic’s website, which can be found here.