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The Outhousers interviews ‘Hacktivist’ creators!

Did you miss Alyssa Milano and the Hacktivist team at SDCC 2013? Well no fear! Angela Jones and Jeremy Shane from The Outhousers provide a great interview with the Hacktivist creators, answering questions related to the comic’s artwork, research and more!

Here is a preview :

“And can you tell us a little about Hacktivist?

JL - Hacktivist is a story that was inspired and created by Alyssa Milano, then came to us as a creative team to build it up.  What we are looking at doing with Hacktivist is to tell a relevant story that isn’t distracted by superpowers or science fiction tropes.  Something that feels cyberpunk and heightened, but is ‘right now’ and with characters just like you and me.  With Archaia and Alyssa Milano behind it, it can actually get out there for the widest effect.”
Read all about it here!