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The Outhouse Interviews Khang Le on ‘HAWKEN: GENESIS’ at WonderCon

Khang Le of Adhesive Games explains what he wanted to accomplish by expanding the HAWKEN universe through transmedia projects like the graphic novel HAWKEN: GENESIS.

The Outhouse: There is a lot of hype about both the game and the book happening all at once. Was this part of the plan?

Khang Le: Yeah. When we set up Hawken, we really wanted to have a transmedia property where it could accomplish not just video games, but graphic novels (GN), prose novels, and even live action cinematic films. The graphic novel we are here for [at WonderCon] is HAWKEN : GENESIS, and it basically tells the story that leads up to the beginning of the game. The game is basically a multiplayer, mech versus mech combat, and it’s very hard to tell a story during that time, so the GN is a nice way for the player to sink their teeth into the lore of Hawken and get that connection.

OH: I notice a lot of science is written into HAWKEN : GENESIS storyline. How does it translate into the game?

KL: The GN sort of explains things in the game HAWKEN like how the mechs move very quickly. They are pretty big, like 20 feet tall, and as heavy as a tank. And the reason for their mobility is because of the armor which is infused with this anti-gravity liquid that can only be found on one planet. We have so many things where sci-fi mumbo-jumbo in the graphic novel really does help the player understand the game more.

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