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‘The Morton Report’ Interviews Tom Brown on ‘Hopeless, Maine’

Have you read Hopeless, Maine yet? Bill Baker from The Morton Report interviews Hopeless, Maine co-creator Tom Brown about what goes into creating such a fantastic book. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

The Morton Report: How do you describe Hopeless, Maine to those unfamiliar with it?

TOM BROWN: What I usually say is, if you like the Harry Potter books from about four on, you’ll probably like Hopeless, Maine. It’s a bit dark and a bit strange, somewhere between [Neil] Gaiman and [Hayao] Miyazaki.

So where did the series come from? Was it all sparked from the town’s name, a character, or…?

It actually started from an old independent comic project of mine, called New England Gothic. I thought there was still some potential in the idea that I hadn’t managed to realize in my first attempt. Then Salamandra came along, and then Nimue…and the whole thing just started to flow.

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