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The Morton Report Interviews Moro Rogers of ‘City in the Desert’

An excerpt of the interview from The Morton Report with City in the Desert creator Moro Rogers is below! Be sure to visit their website for the full article to learn more about this intriguing story and its creator!

Who are Irro and Hari, and what can you tell us about their world and the City in the Desert they all inhabit?

Irro is a monster hunter and Hari is his mysterious assistant—she has claws, a tail, and other peculiar qualities. They live in Kevala, a desert city that doesn’t have much contact with the outside world. I took the name from a Sanskrit word meaning “isolated.”

So where’d this all come from? What were the circumstances that led to this series’ conception, and what influenced its development into its current form?

The idea had been kicking around in my head for a long time, but I was doing odd jobs at animation studios so I kept putting off writing it. I found myself out of work a few years ago and felt like I needed to do something of my own just to stay sane.

I guess I was kind of cranky at the time and I thought if I made a graphic novel I’d at least have something to show for it.”

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