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The Grinning Demon Reviews CURSED PIRATE GIRL

If you haven’t read CURSED PIRATE GIRL yet then now’s your chance! Take a look at the excerpt below from Jonathan Miller over at The Grinning Demon’s review of Jeremy Bastian’s gorgeous Archaia graphic novel.

“It is hard to know where to begin with this book; and I barely feel that anything I write will do this herculean effort of storytelling justice. Before opening the pages to the actual story the reader is blown away with several illustrations of mind boggling detail. And then the story actually starts and the detail becomes exponentially greater.”

Read the whole review on The Grinning Demon website, HERE!

And after you read the review pick up your own copy of CURSED PIRATE GIRL over at the Archaia webstore, your local comic shop, or wherever books are sold.