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The Daily Blam! Reviews ‘Feeding Ground’

Cassandra Rose of The Daily Blam! reviewed the recently released Feeding Ground hardcover graphic novel, which is the story of a Mexican “coyote” and his family as they deal with a menace that terrorizes illegal crossers along The Devil’s Highway on the Mexico-Arizona border.

Cassandra writes:

“There are a lot of horrific scenes in this collection, from bodies turned inside out to heads speared on cacti to scenes in which humans transform into horrible beasts. These transformations further explore the metaphor of humans as being the true monsters. Much as a great deal of zombie fiction makes the distinction that sometimes human beings are worse than their undead counterparts, so too does this graphic novel, but with werewolves. We learn that humans are literally the real monsters, and that even people who seem innocent have that a base nature way down deep.”

You can read the rest of the review on The Daily Blam! website.

Curious but want to see a little more? You can read the entire first chapter of Feeding Ground for free on comiXology or Graphicly.