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The Comic Book Snob Reviews ‘Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity’

The Comic Book Snob has posted a rave review of the recent Archaia graphic novel release, Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity. Reviewer Eric-Wei writes,

Berona’s War Vol 2: Fight for Amity is love at first read. It’s also, without a doubt, one of the most creative projects I’ve encountered all year. These collection of stories, much like a box of fine chocolates, can be enjoyed one at a time or you can choose to splurge consuming multiple chapters in a single sitting. However you choose to attack Fight for Amity, prepare yourself to be completely impressed and captivated by this unusual combination of delight and vehemence.

You can read the rest of the glowing review over on The Comic Book Snob! To read a free preview of Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity, click here!