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Dear Creator:

Since our founding, one of Archaia’s core missions has been to publish artful, engaging, and groundbreaking graphical literature from both new and established creators. We have historically looked for work that tests the boundaries of the graphic novel medium, and continue to do so through our Submissions Page.

Submissions for graphic novels and series are more than welcome, and we will be looking for works that enthrall and excite us, that strike us as having a unique take or perspective on a medium, story, character, or genre. While we’ve primarily published works in the adventure, fantasy, horror, pulp noir, and science fiction genres, we are interested in passion projects, works that are driven by a creator’s unique vision and voice, and so authors are invited to submit works of any genre to us.

For graphic novel and series creators, please note that Archaia does not generally put creative teams together for creator-owned titles (i.e., we do not pair writers with artists), so submissions should only be for book and series proposals that have finished art pages already available.

Please know that we will give your project the care and attention that we ourselves would hope for, but please be aware that Archaia only accepts a very small handful of projects annually. Additionally, please note that due to the high volume of submissions, not all submissions will receive a response. Initially, an email will be sent to notify you that your submission has been received. All submissions will be reviewed but not all submissions will receive a response. You will only receive an additional email if your submission is being considered for publication. If your submission is not being considered for publication, you will not receive a response. It can take up to 90 days before you receive an official response that your submission is being considered. If you do not receive a response to your submission in 90 days, your submission is not being considered and there will be no further contact regarding your submission. Please be aware that physical submissions (which we technically do not accept) will not be returned.

Thank you so very much for your interest! The creator submission is the life’s blood of our imprint; without you, we wouldn’t exist.

Archaia Submissions Team


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Before submitting an application, you must download the Terms & Conditions, read, sign, and attach as part of your submission. No submissions will be formerly viewed for consideration without a signed copy.

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