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Several Archaia titles featured on Dr. Meryl Jaffe’s Summer Reading List!

Dr. Meryl Jaffe, PhD, has included several Archaia titles, including Pantalones, TX and Gunnerkrigg Court, on her blog, Departing the Text, featuring suggested summer graphic novel readings for young adults.

Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out by Yehudi Mercado (fiction, humor; Archaia; All Ages) is simply a lot of fun. It is the story of Chico  Bustamante, a kid living in the small “one horse town” (that literally only can afford one horse) of Pantalones, Texas known only for being the town where underwear was “invented.” It is also the town where an ‘evil’ sheriff is also the owner of the Chicken Shack, and as the school’s Principal and teacher, and holds school in the town’s jail.  Chico is determined to be the bad-a** kid who is added to the Texas history books along with Annie Oakley (who “shot the lone start before it crashed to earth”), Paul Bunyan (who “wrestled two giant blue oxen in the First Texas Smackdown”), John  Henry (who “battled a radioactive runaway train”), Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed (known for- well you’ll just have to read for yourself). The town also has to deal with “foreigners” from New York.  It is fun as a read-aloud or quick read for all ages and a great place to start learning the ‘truth’ about American folk-tale heroes.

Other suggested Archaia titles are Rust and Berona’s War.

Check out the full summer reading list here.