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Review: ‘Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand,’ by A Comic Book Blog

A review of Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, written by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl and illustrated by Ramón Pérez, has been posted on A Comic Book Blog, written by reviewer Geoff Arbuckle. Geoff writes:

It’s this journey that really brings out the absolutely gorgeous Ramón Pérez art.  There are pages upon pages of breathtaking imagery.  Color palettes are swapped and traded in and out and, with each one, every few pages brings about something brand new to gaze upon and enjoy.  I look forward to going through the book a second time to just look at the art and see all the little things that I didn’t see before.

That’s one of the very best things about this book…  You can read it for Henson and Juhl’s words, or you can simply look at Pérez’s art.  Either way, you’re going to get something truly spectacular.

…Without a doubt, you will understand why, beyond entertaining people for years with his Muppets, Jim Henson was considered a true artist in entertainment.  This is the type of book that perfectly bridges his creative talents of his counter-culture early days and his more mainstream comedic sensibilities of the later years.  Couple that with this breathtaking art from Ramón Pérez, and Tale of Sand will certainly be a classic in comic books.

You can read the rest of the review on the website for A Comic Book Blog.