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Raise your swords and tally your skill points because it’s a Mouse Guard RPG Review!

These treasure chests are scattered across the land, in murky swamps and badger dens, guarded by terrifying creatures of the night and prowling hunters brimming with tooth and claw. It’s been a bleak spell for fans of diminutive RPGs, but we’re looking to end this reign of darkness and return the noble Guard to their rightful place of honor. We’re going to show some love to the Mouse Guard RPG Box Set, and as this subject may become significantly more relevant later this year (hint hint), we figured you would appreciate the heads up. Namely, we’d like to share this comprehensive review from Nathan Hicks at The Kitchen Sink. If you’re into tabletop roleplaying games then Petersen’s twist on the genre might be just the adventure hook you were looking for:

The game plays very smoothly, and is so well designed it will definitely trip up any RPG vets. To the vets I have this advice: throw out all preconceptions of all your previous games, including Burning Wheel, because they won’t help you here. In fact, assuming that this game works like anything else will hurt your experience. Read the rulebook (shocking, I know) and play the game exactly as written! You will not be disappointed. Mouse Guard is a wonderful game, possibly the best Luke Crane and co. have ever written. The text is clear, the rules are amazing, and the artwork is gorgeous. You can’t get a better deal. You just can’t.

The full review (including detailed synopsis of game mechanics, character creation, play styles, abilities, and more) can be read HERE.

So keep your oversized yet adorable ears perked because somethings coming, and we’ve got a good feeling about it.