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Producer Edward R. Pressman Talks ‘Feeding Ground’ Movie with CBR

Last month, it was announced that famed producer Edward R. Pressman (The Crow) optioned the Archaia graphic novel Feeding Ground to develop into a film. Today, Comic Book Resources posted their exclusive interview with Pressman about why he decided to pursue the book.

CBR News: Edward, what initially drew you to “Feeding Ground” as a story that would make a compelling feature film?

Edward Pressman: It struck me as a unique story of survival that is very distinctive from the typical “border story.” ”Feeding Ground” is not steeped in border politics or stereotypes, rather it tells the story of the Busqueda family’s tremendous struggle to put their personal issues aside and band together to survive werewolf predators as they cross The Devil’s Highway. ”Feeding Ground” brings never-before-seen elements to both the werewolf genre and the “border story.”

You can read the rest of the interview on CBR’s website here.