News Article Talks to Saurav Mohapatra About ‘Mumbai Confidential’

Saurav Mohapatra, writer of the upcoming Archaia graphic novel Mumbai Confidential Book 1: Good Cop, Bad Cop, was recently interviewed on

What inspired you to create Mumbai Confidential?

Saurav Mohapatra: Mumbai Confidential is quite simply the hardboiled crime-noir movie I got tired of waiting for. I’ve been a big fan of western crime fiction like the stories of Spillane, Chandler, and Hammett. (I actually snuck those books inside schoolbooks in “Civics” to avoid my teachers and parents from finding out. Somehow, no one checks a Civics book.) And, I grew up watching the very Indian phenomenon of “Encounter Cops” unfold before me. So, MC is a love song to all of those, combining the two often-repeated dictums for writers: Write what you know, write what you love!

You can read the rest of this insightful interview on! Mumbai Confidential is available now as a Digital First title on comiXology. The print version will debut in April in comic book shops and in bookstores in May!