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On Sale This Week: ‘Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity’ OGN Hardcover

On sale this week in comic book shops, bookstores and through online retailers is Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity, an original graphic novel hardcover that follows up Berona’s War Vol. 1: Field Guide. Here’s the solicitation info:

Original Graphic Novel Hardcover
Retail price: $19.95
Page Count:
144 pages
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 5.25″ x 8.5″, full color
ISBN-13: 978-1-936393-16-9

Written by Anthony Coffey and Jesse Labbé
Illustrated by Anthony Coffey and Jesse Labbé
Cover by Anthony Coffey and Jesse Labbé

In Vol. 1, you’ve met the characters, you’ve seen their weapons, you’ve witnessed their war. And now, you can know their stories. BERONA’S WAR VOL. 2: FIGHT FOR AMITY brings to life the blood-hungry warriors and races of Berona and takes you deep within their individual tales. Follow the soldier as he enters his final battle. Witness the elite teams at work behind the scenes. Learn the savage ways of the Condyle warriors, and the vicious speed of the the Ele-Alta Slayers. Watch as they brave struggle for glory, obtain it, then live to see it stripped from them. Will it be a glorious death, or will it be the death of a coward? The battles have just begun to rage, and the War has so much left to claim.

T +13 (Contains material suitable for teen readers age 13 and above)

You can read a preview of the book at this link.