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On Sale in Comic Book Shops 8/8: Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #5

Available in comic book shops on Wednesday, August 8:

Retail Price:
$3.50 U.S.
Page Count: 24 pages
Format: staple bound, 8” x 8”, full color
Genre: Fantasy
On-sale Date: August 8, 2012
Written by David Petersen
Illustrated by David Petersen
Cover by David Petersen
Rating: E – EVERYONE (all ages, may contain minimal violence)

In the next-to-last issue of this compelling Mouse Guard volume, Em, the mouse who brought Celanawe into the quest for the Axe, has met her end. The tragic tale of her death is told to Celanawe and Conrad by the ferret king who was honor bound to keep her alive. The consequences lead Celanawe and Conrad to try and find a way home to the Mouse Territories so that Celanawe can return to the Guard and Conrad can try and gain the seat of Captain’s Captain in Port Sumac. Includes a pin-up by Shane Michael Vidaurri, creator of the upcoming Archaia title, Iron: Or, the War After.