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Nimue Brown Discusses ‘Hopeless, Maine’ with ‘The Morton Report’

In an ongoing series exploring numerous Archaia creators, Bill Baker of The Morton Report follows up on last week’s Hopeless, Maine interview with Tom’s co-creator: Nimue Brown. As her first graphic novel, Nimue shares her experience shifting from  pros to graphic novels and some of the challenges she faced in bringing the enigmatic denizens of Hopeless to life.

Baker writes, “Despite the fact that it marks her first foray into creating comics, Nimue’s ability to invest the characters and settings of Hopeless, Maine with a palpable life of their own will come as little surprise to those lucky souls who are familiar with her previous efforts as a poetessblogger and author. Still, how she got directly involved with the crafting of that webcomic-turned-graphic novel, and how that, in turn, lead her across the Atlantic ocean from her home in the UK…well, that is a tale worth hearing.”

Read the full interview here.