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Actor Zachary Quinto’s publishing deal with Archaia starts in August with Lucid, a new four-issue comic by True Blood actor Michael McMillian that explores what would happen if international spies used secret magical powers.
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“What I wanted to do with Lucid,” McMillian said, “was make a comic book that I would want to read, that I would enjoy, that really captures the heart of stories I want to read and what I love — everything from H.G. Wells to Indiana Jones to James Bond — and at the same time, see if I could create a bold, new, contemporary world to set it in.”
McMillian is best known to audiences for his roles as Henry in the TV comedy What I Like About You and as the Rev. Steve Newlin on the HBO television series True Blood. But the actor behind the roles is an avid comic book reader who actually considered a comics career while pursuing acting.

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