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Jim Henson's A Tale of Sand

Newsarama recently visited with Canadian artist Rámon Pérez on the Jim Henson Company lot in Hollywood, Calif. to talk to him about his current work on Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand, an upcoming graphic novel based on an unproduced screenplay written by Henson and Jerry Juhl.

“This is one of [Jim Henson's] most personal works,” Pérez tells Newsarama. “When I’m drawing it, I see Jim in all the characters. I see a lot of things that I think really speak to a moment in his career that just got lost because other facets took precedent.”

“I kind of pride myself on being an artist that can tackle any genre,” Pérez adds. “I like to be as versatile as I can, and I think Tale of Sand is making me prove
my chops stylistically. I get to push the envelope.”

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