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The Comic Book Snob Reviews ‘Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity’

The Comic Book Snob has posted a rave review of the recent Archaia graphic novel release, Berona’s War Vol. 2: Fight for Amity. Reviewer Eric-Wei writes, Berona’s War Vol 2: Fight for Amity is love at first read. It’s also, …

Yahoo! Movies: Long Before ‘The Muppets,’ There Was ‘Tale of Sand’

Yahoo! Movies has posted a story on the upcoming Archaia graphic novel, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand. Writer Steven Bryan interviewed artist Ramón Pérez briefly after a panel at San Diego Comic Con to gain some insight into the project: …

Archaia Titles Shipping in February 2012

Here are the Archaia titles shipping in February 2012. They will be available for pre-order through your local comic book shop or favorite online retailer throughout the month of December. Archaia Titles Shipping February 2012 GENETIKS™ VOL. 1 Original Graphic …

‘Everlast’ Writer Chad Michael Murray Talks to CBR TV at New York Comic Con

Actor and spokesperson Chad Michael Murray (“One Tree Hill,” “House of Wax”) sits down with CBR TV’s Jonah Weiland while attending New York Comic Con to talk about his upcoming Archaia graphic novel, Everlast. Watch the video on CBR’s website!

Archaia Profiled by Comic Impact, Part 2

The nice folks over at Comic Impact have posted Part 2 of their profile of Archaia! We really are humbled by all the nice accolades they heap on us. When they ran Part 1, they paid us some nice compliments, …

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