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Nerdspan reviews ‘Cursed Pirate Girl’!

Forrest C. Helvie from NerdSpan calls Cursed Pirate Girl, “a unique blend of exquisite aesthetic elements with carefully crafted characters!” In his review, Helvie not only provides a detailed analysis of the graphic novel’s history, story and artwork, but also an interview with the creator, Jeremy Bastian!

Below is a preview of the article:

“The story itself adopts the typical “coming of age” / “fair unknown” trope, but then delivers it in a rather unique approach.  Readers familiar with the commercial world of Disney are familiar with the way in which the House of Mouse reinforces standard gender stereotypes with its “Pirates” and “Princesses” line for boys and girls respectively.  Bastian, however, turns this mass-media norm on its head through using a pirate girl as his protagonist—and the story makes her gender-bending behaviors and influence on others one of the focal catalysts for her troubles.”

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