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Review: The Killer Volume Two
- Posted by David Harper on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When I finally read The Killer’s first volume from Matz and Luc Jacamon and brought to America by Archaia, I was in love. I’d heard the towering hype behind this title and it was every bit as good as the sentiment that had been shared by critics and fans alike. Its neo-noir pastiche, stellar character work, and exciting visuals from modern genius Jacamon found me rapt with attention and eager for more.

That comes in the form of this second volume, out now from the same duo and once again from Archaia. Does it reach the levels of the first volume? Find out after the jump.

A major part of what worked in the first volume of this series was the feel of isolation and the rapidly fracturing psyche Matz conveys in our unnamed protagonist. It was exceptional character work Matz, and the narrative voice he gave this character left us as a reader in the dark and trying to piece together this sprawling story of betrayal just like our boy was. It was a formula that worked superbly, and no one would have shamed Matz if he continued on with that recipe.

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