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Multiversity Comics reviews ‘The Thrilling Adventure Hour’!

Still debating if you should pick up a copy of The Thrilling Adventure Hour? Then take a look at Multiversity Comics‘ great article on the graphic novel! Writer, Matthew Meylikhov, provides readers with a fantastic and extremely detailed review as well as an interview with creators, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker!

Sneak preview of the full review:

We all know the old-time radio influence on The Thrilling Adventure Hour, but what are the comic influences?

BB/BB:There’s a big Tick influence there. The world in the Tick was silly. Even the characters were. But they took their stuff seriously. We read old comics when we were kids—Stan Lee’s Spider-Man and Daredevil and FF and more—in the form of Marvel Tales and hand-me-downs from fathers and uncles. Those stories transported us to another time and place. It was really evocative.”

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