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‘Mouse Guard: The Black Axe’ is ‘flat-out gorgeous’

Professor Jenn, of Nerds in Babeland, reviews David Petersen’s Mouse Guard: The Black Axe. Set in 1115, this prequel to Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 fulfills the promise the wise oldfur Celanawe made to Lieam the day his paw first touched the Black Axe: to tell the young warrior about the mouse who first wielded the deadly weapon.

What makes ‘Mouse Guard’ a great read in general is its adventuresome tone–it’s got all the good things about Redwall and Earthsea combined in a Lankhmar-esque action packed storyline. It’s fun and animal-centered enough that young readers will enjoy it, but it’s not written down for kids, and just emotionally moving and complex enough that adult readers can really enjoy it, talking mice notwithstanding. Brian Jacques would be proud. Actually maybe he’d be a little jealous…

And the art! The art of Mouse Guard is flat-out gorgeous, no question. David Petersen both writes and illustrates this series, which of course is one of the most impressive artistic feats I can think of. The art is epically scaled and incredibly high quality, reflecting the best of Rackham, Mayer, and Hyman.

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