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‘Mouse Guard RPG’: Lessons from a GM

Jon Spengler of Dorkadia gives us some insight on how he tackled running a game of the Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, which started off bumpy and ended up “awesome” as he mentions in his write-up.

Mouse Guard is a well designed and intricate contraption, and it can cause frustration for the uninitiated. Despite the fact that no single element of the game takes more than a few sentences to explain, all of the elements interact with each other. All of them. When the Mouse Guard wheel is turning all of the elements work in unison to create a feedback loop that incentivises and rewards a particular play style. However, this feedback loop is emergent: you have to discover it through play. If I hadn’t kept true to the system through my frustration to learn it and see it through, I would never have found this reward system.

This is a great read for anyone who’s interested in tabletop gaming or who was interested in checking out the Mouse Guard RPG box set. His tips are easy to follow for both new and old players alike. Lastly, he says he plans write up a full review of the game after he wraps up this arc with his players, so look forward to that!