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‘Mouse Guard: RPG Box Set’ is ‘Well designed’ and ‘Top notch’

A rather in-depth review on the Mouse Guard: RPG Box Set comes to us from Jason, a user on the RPG Geek forums, who is currently running a game. Jason breaks down what makes the game great, going over physical presentation, rule layouts, mechanics, character creation, ease of use, and overall impressions.

I really enjoy the Mouse Guard RPG. I find very little to want from it, from the simple but effective resolution, to consistent rules, to the engaging character building process. The world David Petersen has build for mice struggling to survive is vibrant and alive, and Mouse Guard just helps to make it so. I heartily give it 5 guardsmice out of 5.

To read the rest of his fantastic review, check it out here! If you’d like to learn more about the Mouse Guard: RPG Box Set, click here. Be sure to check out our other Mouse Guard titles if the RPG box set doesn’t fulfill your need for adorable guardsmice!