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‘Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard’ is an Anthology that ‘wets the appetite for more’

Buy Indie Comics’ Astra Price reviews ‘Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard’; which is an anthology series featuring the work of artists and storytellers handpicked by series creator David Petersen, including Jeremy Bastian, Katie Cook, Guy Davis, Lowell Francis, Gene Ha, Alex Kain, Karl Kerschl, Terry Moore, Ted Naifeh, Craig Rousseau, Sean Rubin, Alex Sheikman, and Mark Smylie.

Like all anthologies, some stories are more interesting than others, and which stories are most pleasing are will depend on the individual reader.  Jeremy Bastian’s The Battle if the Hawk’s Mouse and The Fox Mouse feels very much in line with the pacing and the visual layout that Peterson has created within his other Mouse Guard books.  Others are more daring in their approach.  Karl Kerschl creates a simple and elegant tale with no dialog, and if the mice aren’t already cute enough, Katie Cook ups the cute level by 1000% with illustrations for the story A Mouse named Fox. There are thirteen stories in all, each very enjoyable.

It is a quick evenings read, or perhaps a multi-evening adventure if  reading along with a younger audience.  There are even additional drawings and materials by Peterson and the additional contributors for the uber fan.  And in the same fashion of wanting more after seeing the funniest bits during a holiday variety hour, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard really just wets the appetite for more from the original arc of the Mouse Guard series.

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