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Mark Smylie Speaks with Sequential Tart on ‘The Sigh’

Sequential Tart, which describes itself as “a Web Zine about the comics industry, published by an eclectic band of women,” recently published their interview with our Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Mark Smylie, about The Sigh, the upcoming Archaia illustrated fable written and drawn by Persepolis author Marjane Satrapi. Here’s one exchange between interviewer Suzette Chan and Mark:

Sequential Tart: The Sigh marks the first time Archaia has worked with Marjane Satrapi. How did this partnership come about?

Mark Smylie: Though it was first published in France by Editions Bréal, the international rights to The Sigh are represented by the Spanish publishing house Norma Editorial. We’ve worked with them before — they publish the Spanish and Catalan editions of Mouse Guard, and we’re doing the English language edition of a book of theirs called Black Fire this fall — and Sylvie Poulain, their rights director, brought The Sigh to our attention at the Angoulême festival in France. Once we were aware that it was available we knew we wanted to publish an English-language edition.

You can read the rest of the in-depth interview on Sequential Tart’s website.

Click here to read a preview of The Sigh.