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LA Weekly interviews ‘Cursed Pirate Girl’ creator Jeremy Bastian

LA Weekly’s Liz Ohanesian conducted an interview with Jeremy Bastian, the swash-buckling creator of Cursed Pirate Girl. Direct yourself, matey, to the following excerpt about Jeremy’s creative process:

I start with the basic idea, whether it is a character or object or setting, and then brainstorm ideas to really set it apart. For instance, the cage Captain Holly puts her into to await her demise the following day, I wanted the cage to be unusual. So I took a stroll around the house asking myself would that make a good cage? How about that? And since Captain Holly is the most like something from Alice in Wonderland (my male version of the Queen of Hearts) I decided it would be a tea pot shaped cage. And then the final ingredient to finishing an interesting image for me is the ornamentation, so all around the cage you will see bizarrely tea-themed adornment. I try to challenge myself with every page to out-create what I’ve done on the previous page.

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