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Interview with Saurav Mohapatra, creator of ‘Mumbai Confidential’

Fiona Fernandez, writer for Mid-Day (leading online news portal in Mumbai and Pune, India), interviews Saurav Mohapatra about the switch in formats, Indian publishers and the possibility of a screen avatar for Mumbai Confidential.

Could you tell our readers about the response for digital edition of Mumbai Confidential since its release last year?

The digital edition was a decision taken with mutual agreement between the creators and the publisher. We decided to release the main story as a serialised version to build a brand, get the book across to as many people and places before the physical hardcover edition came out and of course, pay homage to classic crime/pulp fiction, which is usually serialised before being collected into a novel length book. The response was awesome. We had fans from India, US and Europe reacting enthusiastically to the book. It was a great feeling to (in a way) see Mumbai Confidential (MC) ‘spread its wings’ and reach people who love this genre.

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