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Interview with ‘Mr. Murder Is Dead’ Artist Brent Schoonover

Tina G. is not only a big Zachary Quinto fan, she’s also a fantastic blogger! She specifically loves ZQ’s biceps, as evidenced by her blog. Tina has also closely followed our publishing partnership with Zach and his partners at Before the Door, and she has been very helpful in spreading the word on the two graphic novels we’ve published with BTD: Lucid by Michael McMillian and Anna Wieszczyk and the upcoming Mr. Murder Is Dead by Victor Quinaz and Brent Schoonover. It’s not uncommon for her to request interviews with the writers and artists involved with the books, and for that, we are very grateful.

Her latest interview is with the very talented Brent. Here’s one exchange:

Tina: Mr. Murder Is Dead has a retro-noir feel to it. Were you already familiar with this art style? Or did you have to do some research?

Brent: I was familiar with the style as I am heavily influenced by old comic strip art and mostly older comic creators. But I still had to do my research to make sure we could pull this off convincingly. The goal was to really make the reader wonder if these really were old-time comic strips.

Tina also talks to Brent about how he came on board Mr. Murder Is Dead, what his San Diego Comic-Con experience was like and what his upcoming projects are. To read the full interview, click here. Thanks, Tina!