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Interview with F.J. DeSanto about ‘Cyborg 009′’s Deb Aoki interviews F.J. DeSanto about his upcoming project ‘Cyborg 009′ and gives a brief history of the manga as well as what to look forward to with this new project.

Developed in partnership with Ishimori Productions in Japan, this new Cyborg 009 graphic novel will be released in early 2013 as a deluxe hardcover edition featuring an original story based on Ishinomori’s mangawritten by film producer / writer F.J. DeSanto (Producer, The Spirit, and writer, Immortals: Gods and Heroes) and Bradley Cramp (Gattaca and Lord of War). The artwork, (which has a definite Western flair) will be drawn by Marcus To (The HuntressRed Robin).

Western adaptations of Japanese manga is nothing new, but this particular adaptation is notable for its determination to walk the razor’s edge between staying true to the original Japanese story, while making it accessible and entertaining to contemporary Western comic book readers. Can it be done? Well, we’ll find out in Summer 2013 when this book is published. But in the meantime, you might be asking, “What is Cyborg 009, and who is Shotaro Ishinomori?”

If you don’t know the name Shotaro Ishinomori, you probably know of his creations. Ishinomori created many of the iconic heroes that live on today in Japanese pop culture:Kikaida (a.k.a. Kikaider). Kamen Rider (a.k.a. Masked Rider). Skull ManHimitsu Sentai GoRenger(a.k.a. Go Rangers (a precursor to the Power Rangers series). In Japan, Ishinomori is often mentioned as one of the legends of manga. There are even TWOmuseums dedicated to Ishinomori and his creations in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Cyborg 009 was originally published between 1964 – 1981 in a variety of popular shonen manga magazines, including Weekly Shonen SundayMonthly Shonen KingShonen Jump, and many more. It has been collected as a-36 volumes series in Japan, and has inspired several TV anime series, films, countless toys, and even video game adaptations.

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