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Interview with ‘Bleedout’ writer and Archaia Publisher Mike Kennedy

Geekadelphia, the “guide to everything geek in the City of Brotherly Love,” has posted their interview with Archaia Publisher and Bleedout writer Mike Kennedy. Mike, who’s had a long career in video games and writing comics, talks about the challenges about writing the graphic novel, transitioning into his publisher role and what’s next for him on the creative front. Here’s one exchange:

Bleedout is distinctive in its origins as part webcomic/part graphic novel. Did this present any unique challenges in the writing?

Yeah, and it was even more complicated than that, actually. The story was initially conceived as cutscene material for 10 weekly “episodes” of downloadable content for the online MMO CRIMECRAFT. The script was structured to not only provide the player with background info for each week’s standalone portion of new gameplay, but to educate the player on the game’s mysterious backstory in cliffhanger-chunks that slowly grew, week-after-week, to reveal an engaging conspiracy that explodes into civil war inside the game realm.

You can read the rest of the interview on the Geekadelphia website.