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Intelligent Designs reviews ‘Space: 1999 – Aftershock and Awe’

In a time where old movies are often remade and where old tv shows are revitalized for current generations, many of these recreations face constant ridicule and distaste. However, that cannot be said for Space: 1999-Aftershock and Awe!

In a recent review by Intelligent Design‘s Keith Howell, Howell gives a thorough background on the comic series and discusses the old tv show in which the series is based off of. Stating that although the comic series is slightly different,  it is one of the few modern retellings of “nostalgic television franchises” that live up to readers expectations.

“I like how the “Aftermath” story breaks it up into focusing on separate characters for each chapter so that the reader gets different perspectives as to the impact of such a cataclysmic effect. This book is solid sci-fi entertainment with a nice tinge of nostalgia. . . It’s good, strong sci-fi with enough to satisfy the old-school readers and younger readers if they can get past the 1999 in the title.”

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