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IGN Reveals Final Cover to ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour’ Graphic Novel has the exclusive reveal of Tom Fowler’s final cover image to the upcoming Archaia hardcover graphic novel, The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The article also features some never-before-seen art from the anthology title, showcasing pages from four of the 10 short stories contained in the book. Editor Joe LeFavi provides some key information about the GN as well:

IGN: How many of the creators involved with the graphic novel are involved with the show?

Joe LeFavi: The book is written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the co-creators of the show. Having Acker and Blacker at the helm was the only way we could ensure that the spirit and tone of Thrilling Adventure Hour would remain intact. Their voice is so unique, and they’ve been writing in this world every month for almost a decade. Luckily, they’re huge comic book fans and experienced comic writers (they just finished writing Wolverine: Season One for Marvel), so the book was in confident and capable hands.

IGN: Are the artists outsiders to the original production?

LeFavi: Sure, it was nice (dare I say convenient) having fans of the show illustrating those pages.  Yet in the end, each artist was chosen because their unique style fit the intended tone of their tale. One of my favorite stories from Doc Shaner. Very unique, love his style. It’s that old-but-new voice that conveys the feel of a classic Silver Age comic through a fresh voice.

It’s just really fun and vibrant. I’m proud to say that all of our artists really brought their A-game for us.

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