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iFanboy names TALE OF SAND Book of the Year for 2012!

This has been a landmark year for Archaia, and nothing says that more than our Graphic Novel of Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand.  Winning multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards in this year alone, we couldn’t be more proud, but even at the final stretch of 2012 the love keeps coming in.  Today iFanboy announced Tale of Sand as their Book of the Year.

“…it’s both the passion and skill of Ramón K. Pérez, who made something out of something else, and did it such a way that he instantly became a star in the world of comic books, where every single person who pays attention to such creative arrivals knew his name and what his talent could do.”

Thank you iFanboy and everyone else for all the love and support.  We look forward to continuing to bring you our very best through the next year and those beyond.