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iamROGUE Talks to ‘Immortals: Gods and Heroes’ Writer F.J. DeSanto

Movie news site recently posted an interview with writer F.J. DeSanto, who penned one of the stories in the upcoming anthology graphic novel, Immortals: Gods and Heroes. The book serves as a prelude to the Relativity Media film, Immortals, out on Nov. 11, and features contributions from the some of the best writers and artists in the comic book industry.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation between DeSanto and interviewer Jami Philbrick:

To begin with, can you talk a little about your background in the comic book industry and how you became involved with Immortals: Gods and Heroes?

F. J. DeSanto: My background technically by day is that I’m a movie/television producer. I produced the movie The Spirit with Frank Miller a couple of years ago. I have a couple of movies in development right now but mostly in the comic book genre. I’m producing a pilot for the Syfy channel right now but I also have a writing background and I write comics for DC Comics and Tokyo Pop. I create a lot of stuff for them and I’m writing an original one hundred-page book for Archaia this year, which is an original idea. I’ve formed a good relationship with them and I’ve been invited to be a part of the wonderful Immortals: Gods and Heroes experience.

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