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iamROGUE Interviews ‘Miranda Mercury’s’ Brandon Thomas

Movie news site recently chatted with Brandon Thomas, writer of The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury: Time Runs Out and got his perspective on the possibility of a Miranda Mercury TV show or movie, his thoughts on the current superhero movie trend, and how he’d handle the script to a superhero movie if the opportunity ever presented itself. It’s a fascinating interview. In one exchange:

Can you see Miranda Mercury possibly being adapted into a film or TV series at some point?

Thomas: Oh absolutely! I think that the way the story is structured with this kind of “lost history” of the character, especially as a young girl, I think would make for a great cartoon. I think there could be some possibilities there and it maybe something we’ll explore in the future. But right now we’re really focused on making sure the book is a success first and that we have the opportunity to do more because we have more stories to tell. There are a lot of things planned, and a lot more cool and exciting adventures for Miranda.

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