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‘Hawken’ is a Transmedia Powerhouse

Brian Crecente of brings a detailed look into the once-indie computer game known as ‘Hawken’, and into the history on how it has become the transmedia powerhouse that it is today.

Hawken: A year and a half ago, no one beyond the team of nine working on the game had ever heard the name. But by the end of this year, if all goes to plan, Hawken, the game, will launch in the eye of a transmedia storm that includes a video web series, a graphic novel, a feature film, and there are even plans for an animated television show, action figures, a novel, and perhaps, one day, lunch boxes….

…In March, the group announced a Hawken graphic novel. In April, a series of digital live-action shorts were announced for Hawken backed by Warner Premiere. In July, after garnering a slew of awards at the video game show, E3, the developers announced a feature film that will be written by Jevons and helmed by Scott Waugh, director of Act of Valor.

Despite the major transmedia successes, Jevons still sees the universe, not one single property, as the most important element for Hawken.

“The point of the graphic novel and movie is to try and expand it beyond the initial core audience,” he said.

The release of the graphic novel, a planned digital comic, and a book are all tied to the Dec. 12th launch of the game. A game, Jevons believes, that has a very long life as a free-to-play title.

To read the rest of this interview go The Verge’s website here. To learn more about the ‘Hawken’ graphic novel that Archaia is putting out in March 2013, click here.