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Geeks of Doom Reviews ‘Days Missing Vol. 2: Kestus’

Have you read Days Missing yet? Published in partnership with Roddenberry Productions, the second series about a mysterious being called The Steward has just been collected into a hardcover, and critics are starting to weigh in, including pop culture website, Geeks of Doom. Reviewer “SoAndyway” writes:

“Writer Phil Hester‘s narrative takes the reader on an emotional journey with our protagonists, no easy feat considering their relationship is woven throughout millenia and peppered by different cultures. Though the series is action-packed, it’s Hester’s characterization of both The Steward and Kestus that give the book its re-read potential. Hester’s story is brought to vivid life by David Marquez‘ art. Marquez is expertly talented at conveying the emotions felt in each panel, particularly when it comes to The Steward. His eyes may lack both pupils and color, but they are no less a window to his feelings in any given situation.”

You can read the rest of the review on Geeks of Doom’s website.