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FutureDude reviews ‘Space: 1999′: ‘not your typical sci-fi comic book.’

In Matthew Wilkins recent review of ‘Space:1999‘ on the website FutureDude, he writes:

This is not your typical sci-fi comic book.

It’s a slow-burn style mystery — on the Moon. Koenig is also not your typical hero. He’s a forward-thinking, careful man of science (and a very unattractive one, at that). Which is why — when things are going very wrong for the men, women, and children on this Moon base — his colleague Dr. Bergman states:

“John Koenig is the man for the job. He’s going to direct the smartest, brightest team of people in the Solar System to find the answers. But don’t let it cross your mind he won’t pick up a laser and blast someone, though.”

As this series progresses, expect even more unbelievable circumstances and ludicrous encounters. What will bring us back for more is the commitment of these men and women to comprehend what they experience.

You can read the rest on FutureDude’s website here! You can also pick up the first digital chapter of ‘Space:1999′ at comiXology. Don’t forget that ‘Space: 1999 Classics Remastered – pt1′ will also be available on comiXology tomorrow!