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Interview: Frazer Irving Talks Batman and Days Missing
by Joey Esposito
Mar 30, 2010

Frazer Irving is a busy man these days. Last week, we reviewed the release of Archaia’s Days Missing (read our Days Missing Hardcover review), of which Irving illustrated two of the five issues. He’s also recently been named as the next artist on DC Comics’ Batman and Robin and Return of Bruce Wayne #2 (Batman and Robin & Return of Bruce Wayne Artists Revealed).

Mr. Irving was nice enough to give us his time for your enjoyment.

CraveOnline: Frazer, thanks for talking with us! Let’s get right into it. In a project like Days Missing, with a robust team of writers and aritsts, what is the process for staying on the same page, ensuring that the series winds up with a focused vision?

Frazer Irving: The process is get someone like editor Rob Levin to sit at his computer 24/7 constantly mediating/nagging us! If ever I had any queries (and there were quite a few I must say), then he was the go-to man. In many comics gigs in the past (including those of a similar nature as Days Missing), the point man has been woefully underinformed or is just lame at actually organizing the creatives involved, so it was nice to have an organized and extremely resilient dude like Rob in charge of all of us.

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