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‘Fraggle Rock Halloween Special’ Available Starting Sept. 21

Instead of giving out candy during Halloween this year, why not give trick-or-treaters a special mini-comic!

Along with several other publishers, we’ve partnered with our distributor, Diamond Comics, to produce 16-page Ashcans (or mini-comics) that are available for sale at your local participating comic book shop, starting on Wed., Sept. 21. For $5, you can get a bundle of 20 Ashcans to give away to visitors on Halloween!

Our Ashcan is an all-new story featuring Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock called “Monsters from Outer Space,” written by Heather Nuhfer and Katie Strickland, and illustrated by Jake Myler. In the story, Uncle Travelling Matt sends his nephew Gobo a postcard after witnessing Halloween amongst the “Silly Creatures,” and of course, misinterprets it in his own ridiculous way. It’s a funny story featuring your favorite characters from Fraggle Rock!

If your local comic book shop doesn’t have the Fraggle Rock Halloween Special, ask them to order it for you! But hurry! Halloween is right around the corner!