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Flip Geeks reviews ‘Mouse Guard: The Black Axe’

Writer Alvin Minon for Flip Geeks reviews the newly released, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe, stating the pages are “filled with thrill and excitement and adventure!” Minon further states that the Black Axe is “the type of prequel that stands on its own and may be picked up by those unfamiliar with David Petersen’s world of chivalrous rodents.”

“But what wraps it all up is Petersen’s stunning artwork that brings the vision to life. There’s enough intricacy that makes the chivalrous guards are distinguishable from the seafarers. Great job was also done on the details, which is evident in every blade of grass or grain of wood. Even if what we’re talking about here is a miniature world of sword-wielding rodents, the artwork’s entrancing that makes it easy to dive in to a world of furry fantasy.”

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