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OKKO: THE CYCLE OF AIR, BOOK ONE is the third cycle in the OKKO series from Guy Delcourt Productions and Archaia Entertainment, LLC. It stands well on its own, though reading the other cycles in the series (Water and Earth) and knowing some of the background of the setting will no doubt lend more fluidity to the events of the story.

The plot focuses on Samurai Okko, his entourage, and their attempts to help a girl that is seemingly haunted by spirits. It’s Okko’s task to find out what has happened to her and set things right. Unfortunately for him, there are other things going on in the town that should be of more concern. A number of sub-plots are set up regarding Okko’s violent past, and while the main story is resolved, the others are left to play out in the next issue of the CYCLE OF AIR.

Despite the main focus of Book One, storyboard directors Emmanuel Michalak and Hub—also the writer—start the panels with a Sensei and a young student. There’s also a brief introduction to an important character that will appear again later on in the story. This is an interesting way to begin, as one has to wonder what significant roles these figures will play as the story progresses.

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